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Frequently Asked Questions

The Tunisian climate is generally mild and pleasant, especially from September to November and March to May. The northern and coastal areas may surprise you with their coolness and humidity during winter, but December to February remains an ideal time to visit, especially due to the olive harvest season. We'll be happy to give you more specific advice about what to expect for the season you are considering for your booking. 

We can accommodate most special diets, but if in doubt, please contact us to discuss before finalizing your reservation. Like most Mediterranean countries, wheat is a cornerstone of Tunisian cuisine, however rice, barley and sorghum other grains and starches are also historically important components, and there are therefore numerous alternatives for those with gluten intolerance. If you have a severe intolerance (e.g. celiac disease), it can unfortunately be difficult to guarantee 100% gluten-free meals in a group context, given the different restaurants we visit.

We really want to encourage everyone to take part in our tours, and will be happy to discuss your specific needs with you. Please contact us to discuss.

Tunisia has some excellent local wines, and many of our itineraries include wine tastings and visits to winemakers. Many of the accommodation and restaurants where you'll be eating in the evening don't have wine lists (usually for regulatory reasons), but will accept you opening your own bottle. If you'd like to buy a few bottles to consume during your trip, speak to us on arrival, and we can help you organize a detour to a place where wines, beers and spirits can be purchased.

The climate is the only real consideration for your choice of attire; contrary to what some travellers imagine, there are no cultural constraints linked to Tunisian mores, unless you're visiting religious monuments, in which case the expectations are as you would expect for places of worship of any religion, in Europe or elsewhere.

Absolutely. We can work with you on a customized itinerary to incorporate these elements into your tour with us, or you can extend your stay in the country to travel independently. In either case, we'll be happy to share our tips, advice and contacts.

Absolutely! One of the big factors that motivated us to create our tours was the desire to offer the experience we would have liked to be able to have ourselves as residents of the country, especially with our guests who came to visit from abroad. Since our itineraries are designed on the basis of arrival and departure from the airport, a little customization will be necessary to adapt them to you if you're already here. Contact us and we'll be happy to discuss an individual itinerary.